Photos of Cats Around the House

Happy Holidays!

Last night was a very good night of dreams.  Indeed they were productive dreams.  I kept waking up with a lot to think about.  The simplest of all is a kind of epiphany.  An eye-opener.

I keep a picture of myself and my cat Klick Klack Kitty Cat, who passed on to the other side several years ago and now chases birds in Paradise.  It is a holiday picture, as you can see here.  Lovely, isn’t it?

Well, I really did like that cat.  Still do.  She was a great friend and kept things in order around here.  But that picture was staged as a joke, one that my cat wasn’t all that eager to share.  (Throughout our short photo shoot she wanted nothing to do with any of it.  That picture is her most pleasant smile of the set.)

I was emceeing an office holiday party that included a gift exchange.  My gift was part legit and part gag (mostly gag, I had a back up).  My gift was a framed holiday picture of myself and Klick Klack Kitty Cat.  You kind of had to be around the office at the time to get it.  My cat was familiar topic in meetings.

I get a kick out of the picture as often get a kick out of simple and silly things so I keep it along side pictures of friends and family in my dining room.

In one of last night’s dreams this came up in an odd and round about way.  When I woke up my first thought was:  Whoops.

I wonder how many friends — women in particular — have stopped over and started thinking a bit more than they should when they saw a framed picture of my cat and me celebrating the Christmas holidays.  I do have a picture of my Grandmother in the mix, but I don’t even have a picture of parents out on the stand!  I am not the sentimental type when it comes to framed pictures.  (I don’t have the space and don’t care for the clutter.  I have enough of that, too.)

So what do I do?  Remove the picture and share it only on special occasions?  Write an explanation on a Post-It note?  Or do I leave it and wait for someone to understand?


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