After All This Time I Have Finally Figured It Out

Publicity photo of some M*A*S*H cast members f...

Publicity photo of some M*A*S*H cast members for show premiere in 1972-Loretta Swit, Alan Alda, McLean Stevenson and Wayne Rogers.

I have always had an uncomfortable relationship with the much-loved television classic M*A*S*H.  (Or should I spell it M*A*S*H?)  I don’t like Alan Alda.  No!  I’m just kidding.  What I don’t like about M*A*S*H is so obvious I missed it.  Every line is a punchline and that is very, very tiresome.  I will give it credit for being a successful “dramedy”, even being a dark comedy, but as I think about the series, I think M*A*S*H ran about five seasons too long.

The creators of M*A*S*H relied on real stories from the Korean War (and some from World War II) to create the initial series.  After that the series became something of a critique of war, the Cold War, and the pitfalls of bureaucratic hypocrisy, but that narrative was run and rerun for too long.  M*A*S*H exposes the risk of mix mingling comedy and drama.  Once the point is made, it is made.

For the rest of tonight I think I will cozy up with a few magazines and books, tune into a movie or two, and relax.  I did enjoy a fantastic dinner.  (I should have taken a picture.)  I made light balsamic sauce for pasta and served it with steamed fresh vegetables and sliced ripe tomatoes.  And the coup de grace (wait…is that what I mean?) was a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino.

Ah, sweet rich Brunello.  The king of wines.  Almost too good and increasingly too expensive, I decided to indulge.  Sadly I also decided to watch M*A*S*H , but what the hell?  For all I know the fine dinner and the glass of Brunello cleared my head enough to figure out what I instinctively knew all along:  I really don’t like M*A*S*H  all that much.

What have you got tonight?


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