Monday Night

I haven’t much to say or write.  In fact I really haven’t had much to write or say for several days now, but that hasn’t stopped me.  I hope it hasn’t stopped you.

I keep looking for something to write about and find myself wandering a bit into metaphysical mysteries.  It goes under appreciated.

And I have given up the local news and politics recently.  That feels great.  I have been digging through the paper, however, just enough to stay distantly informed of current events.  I trust if anything catastrophic happens I will take notice when the streets break into chaos.

Finally, Netflix is a mess tonight.  The streaming feature isn’t doing what it should.  The audio races ahead of the video.  Often I don’t notice until a scene changes, but in modern film scenes change quite frequently so it is not long before I take notice.  This is a long and clumsy way of saying Netflix sucks at the moment.

Columbo streams relatively well, however.  At the moment I am trying to watch Cold Comfort Farm which hasn’t quite won me over yet.  It could be the crappy streaming, but more likely it is a mediocre film.  I’ll give it another try when and if Netflix gets its act together again.

Otherwise just hanging out here, pondering things.  Looking forward to a night of peaceful and exciting dreams.  (I always dream about water…lakes, oceans, and rivers.)

Speaking of dreams and water, I thought a weekend getaway might be in order this week.  It was meant to be a birthday getaway, a weekend at a cabin, but those plans are weeks old and things have changed.  There is much going on in town anyway, the perfect chance to kick off the city’s summer season.

Stay with me.  I tend not to disappoint and if I do it often is a misunderstanding.  I do what I can.  Look for better things here.


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