Falling for a Nerd

I had to leave my favorite neighborhood restaurant, Tilia, this afternoon because I experienced unhealthy thoughts for a nerd.  Let me tell you about it.

My friend and I — we’ll call him Frank — noticed a gorgeous threesome on the sidewalk pondering the restaurant.  They were far too elegant for a planned outing together.  My guess is they fell asleep after a night out and decided food was a good idea.  The woman in a  tight Paper Mate blue cocktail dress was especially stunning, even if she had topped 50.

Frank and I thought we should clear a few spots at the bar so they would have a place to sit.  That is when my unhealthy crush — and her husband — said thank you and took the seats.

This is an adorable couple directly from central casting.  Think Twin Peaks or Fargo.  He fishes, but only between 5:00 and 9:00 a.m. so they can be together.  He likes to eat, especially fish.  She likes to eat, too.  And they drink Canadian wine.

She is not my type.  Too nice and a shaped like a pear.  But I fell for her fast.  Beautiful, smart, and easy company.  My imagination lit up and I undressed her immediately.  Milky white skin spotted with moles, I expect.  No grooming, but I might be surprised.  I suspect she is a clinger and hugger.   Her mouth, sweet breath and all, is made perfectly for kissing…the softest, sweetest lips.  To call them petals would not be a cliche.  Yes.  Oh, yes.

And did I mention she was smart?  Sometimes that is the biggest turn on.  Absolutely the brightest person in the restaurant, but not annoyingly so.  She might even top my IQ.  In fact I am sure she does.  She talked pleasantly and eagerly, never missed a point.  I didn’t even care that I was ignoring annoyed Frank.  Meanwhile, her husband quietly listened and I presume thought about fishing.  She was mine, undividedly mine.

She even reassured me that I could figure out my Garmin GPS.

I wanted to take he home.

But, alas…things would not work out or be possible.  She would be an exceptional personal assistant, that’s for sure, but what would a guy like me do with a girl like her otherwise?  I am a conflicted Taurus, after all.  I have my loves and I know what I love.  I am stubbornly loyal to that.  But it was fun and exciting to feel an attraction to someone far from what I see as my ideal.


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