Thursday Night Update

Really nothing much happening on the Tour tonight.  Fighting other demons, the type that give men dreams of happiness and companionship.  Not sirens, exactly, but something close.  Bitterness, at best, makes for sour company.

I did, however, find a bloody mystery in Mendota that I plan to write about after I take a long nap.

Near the historic Faribault House in Mendota I found a trail of blood that I followed for over a quarter mile before it ended.  I have some photos and some speculation, but I am simply too tired to write about it now.  Plus I have to think about how to write about this.  I presume it was an animal of some type…a larger animal…but as I will point out later, it avoided puddles and mud and left no tracks because it stayed for the most part on the firmest parts of the trail.  And what would a wounded animal be doing on a trail, I wonder?

So I will write about this later.  First I must let the demons escape the foggy wastes of my memory whilst I nap.


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