Down by the Lake and through the Woods

It is a quiet night in the woods.  There are plenty of robins, but no crows or owls.  The cardinals and jays were quiet, too.  But I did see a few deer along the trail.  They’re almost as common as squirrels and twice as tame.

I missed a great photo along the lake.  (Parents tend to give a guy a stern eye when he wants a  photos of the kids.)  A young girl — probably not yet in school — was leading a large dog on leash.  The dog looked absolutely humiliated…After all this was a child half the dog’s weight tugging him along and screeching in his ear.  The dog’s pride was just a bit bruised.  It didn’t help when I chuckled a bit when they passed me.

The dog would be happy to know he wasn’t the only one who would be laughed at tonight.

The north side of Lake Harriet is a great spot for watching planes taking off from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.  I stopped to watch a few planes fly overhead, as I usually do, when I heard some laughter.  I turned and saw two couples looking my way quickly turn away.  A few “shhhes” and embarrassed looks on the girls gave me a clue.

They probably saw me and thought they saw a cute old guy impressed by the big fancy plans.  That’s very odd because I am neither cute nor old, I just look that way.

You just shrug off that sort of stuff and I did.  I resumed my walk.

Note the photo of the two young boys and the ducks.  Looks like a sweet photo, doesn’t it?  Sure.  The kids are spitting on the ducks.  I’m sure it is harmless enough — what will a duck care — but there was something dastardly about boys.  Cute boys, for certain, but not very respectful of ducks.

So that’s it.  This is all I have tonight.  A few bad pictures and hastily written explanations.  Kind of off my game.  It is Sunday.  I think I’ll watch an episode of Columbo and read something from Philip Dick.

(I should get a real camera…)


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