Lake Harriet, Bread & Pickle, and Muffins

I have been called crazy before, sometimes even told I am wrong, but on this matter I am certain I am correct.  Bread & Pickle, the little food concession at the Lake Harriet Band Shell, served delicious bran blueberry muffins last year.  I recall them being moist, sticky, and heavy with flavor.

I stopped at Bread & Pickle when it first opened for the season and asked for a muffin and was told by the unprepared staff that they did not sell muffins.  I pointed it out on the menu and they then told me they were out.  Suddenly the part-timer became an expert on the matter, too.  She said they would have blueberry muffins, but not bran.   Wagging my finger, I corrected her and said they were blueberry AND bran all mixed together.  She counter-correct:  No, sir, they are not.

A minute before she had no idea they served muffins at all…

Let me digress and offer a riddle.  I like this one.  It is a word game.  Using different words, come up with a name for Bread & Pickle that means essentially the same thing.  I will give you a hint.  You have to switch the word order and then come up with a different word that represents more or less the same thing.  So you would start with “pickle” and choose a word like “dill” then “bread” and choose a word like “dough.”  See how you do.

Back to my muffin.

Today I was happy to see no line at the order window (I still waited about a minute) and thought I would order my coffee and blueberry bran muffin.  I was so excited I even caught myself licking my lips and rubbing my hands together.  I might have giggled a little, too.  (Perhaps that’s why no one came to the window for a minute or so?)

I got my muffin and coffee and scurried over to an open table, about ready to faint.  I was doubly excited because the bag felt heavier this year.  Could they be offering supersized muffins?  In the past they were only the size of a meatball, which was fine.  Eager and loaded with anticipation I reach into the paper sack and pull out…a plain blueberry muffin.

I’m not sure what happened next.  I awoke on the ground with a dog panting in my face.  When I pulled myself up I was disappointed to see the muffin still there.  I tried it.

Dry, tasteless, and baked days ago.  What a disappointment!  So please…everyone…start a petition or something.  Call your representatives.  Use extortion if you can.  Do something to get the muffins back!


3 thoughts on “Lake Harriet, Bread & Pickle, and Muffins

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