Long Live the Queen. Here Comes Some Fun!

Fun as seen through a camera phone at Myth Night Club.

I had an opportunity to see the band Fun at Myth Nightclub last night in Maplewood, Minnesota.

There are many things odd about this:  Myth, Maplewood, and me with a crowd of twentysomethings watching a band miles away from my collection of Mario Lanza hits.  But it was…as the pun intends…fun.

The first thing that hits you is a ton of energy, especially from the band’s lead, Nate Ruess.  In fact Ruess has so much get up and go that the rest of the band struggles to be interesting, some appear to struggle being relevant.  But that’s no worry.  Ruess has enough energy for them all and that is a good thing.  He is, in essence and more, the band.

Ruess reminds me of the kid in the neighborhood who was charmingly off just a bit.  You wanted to figure him out, but he never sat still long enough to do so.  Then somewhere around puberty he disappears — “Hey, where’s Johnny been?” — and re-emerges a rock star.  I think that’s Nate Ruess.

Several times the comparison of Ruess with Freddie Mercury was made by people at the concert and while I never saw Queen perform live, the comparison seems apt.  And kind of like Queen, there is a sort of sexual ambiguity about the band with a lot of homoerotic overtones that actually work.  The bassist and guitarist perform their best when they interact, even if it is a little silly and overdone at times.  And it seems that everyone gets his chance to beat drummer Will Noon’s drum.

If I had a complaint, I would suggest that the songs do feel a bit like trumped up boy band hits and firmly cling to pop, but a hit like “We Are Young” is indeed a hit.  My sense of pop-silly thump-a-bump beat might just be me and where I am in life.  I want more Robert Plant … or Mario Lanza … in my music.

Nonetheless, this band worked for me and you kind of want to see what Fun can do next.   A cover of the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” was a teasing close to the main act.  Fun might have some staying power.  Let’s hope there is more to come.  They certainly made Myth look and feel good.


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