This Didn’t Turn Out Right

Dinner Tonight.This is dinner tonight.  Chicken breast baked and simmered in a rich tomato basil sauce blended with leftover Greek moussaka.  The potatoes are for show mostly.  Undercooked.  (I didn’t plan well.)  And I always enjoy the opportunity to steam a bowl of peas with a few carrots.  I like the color.

The chicken was outstanding!  Moist, tender and cooked perfectly well.  Perhaps dumb luck, but it was delicious.  The sauce wasn’t bad either.  I am happy to have a few cups of leftovers.  And, of course, you cannot dislike peas and carrots, especially when seasoned lightly with salt and butter.  The potatoes…well, they were a mistake and unneeded; I had quite a bit of moussaka.

But I really blew it when I took the picture.  It didn’t turn out right at all.  Look at that wilted red pepper stuck to chicken breast.  It looks like chewed gum stuck to the underside of a school chair.  Or like something that gives you reason to take your cat to the vet.

And I simply don’t like the composition.  Too spacey.  Those delicious peas look neglected, the potatoes lonely, and chicken under dressed.  Everything should be tighter, brighter, and saucier.  Remember the extra cups of sauce I mentioned?  Imagine that extra sauce spilling over the breast, setting the it in a delicious pool that just barely touches the sides.  THAT would look like a rich meal rather than a quick run through a cafeteria line.

Ah, well…I do have leftovers.  Anyone?


3 thoughts on “This Didn’t Turn Out Right

    1. Tour Guide Post author

      It’s a sort of political discourse hidden in a confusing blend of tomato basil sauce and moussaka. Look closely and you’ll miss it. Ignore it and you’ll see it clearly. Tell your friends and family.

  1. fourthgeer

    Thanks for the swell mention! Love your description of the red pepper. I told my husband that the photo of my chicken kind of looked like something our cat would leave in the path to the bathroom for us to step in in the middle of the night. 😉 I was just thinking about using up some tomato/basil pesto over chicken tonight. Think I will take your post as a sign that I should. Have a lovely day!


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