A Question That Answers Itself

Sunset, Quiet and Dark in the Park.

Some simple questions have absurdly obvious answers.

While on my evening walk at Lake Harriet, I felt a steamy, sweaty presence plod up behind me.  And, as if scripted to be annoying, just as I could almost feel her wheezing pants on the back of the neck, she blurts out:  “Can you hear me?”

Started, of course, I spin around to let her know that, yes, indeed I can hear you.  Instead I see the voice staring into a cell phone, yelling again:  “Can you hear me?”

This followed again, almost immediately:  “Can you hear me?”

And again:  “Can you hear me?”

This sequence took a matter of seconds and yet the poor overly exerted walk-jogger had barely kept pace with my casual stride, so that she was right up along side me when I had the thought to stick out my leg and trip the old girl.  I didn’t, of course.  Not only would that have been rude, but she was moving too slowly to be tripped.  It would be kind of like sticking your leg out as you pass a haystack and expecting it to fall over.

But I did want to clobber her nonetheless and this urge was more difficult to control.  I mean let’s face it…if you have to ask “Can you hear me” four times, it is likely the answer is self-evident.   The answer is:  “No!”

God, I hate cell phones.  Unless I need one.


2 thoughts on “A Question That Answers Itself

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