Minnesota Fishing Opener Controversy

Going Fishing.

There is a proposal to move the Minnesota fishing opener to May 5?  Where have I been?  But a much more important question is:  Why?

Perhaps it is appropriate that this change originates at the state legislature, because if there is a group that seems unwilling to plan wisely, it is the legislature.  Unlike some legislators there are Minnesotans who make plans and depend on planning for success.

Has Rep. David Dill, DFL-Crane Lake, the man who proposed the change, considered the people who operate resorts, for example?  Some of those resorts might not have planned to be fully open on May 5.  Instead their plans for May 5 likely involve readying their resorts for the reservations they have for May 12.  And the people who have reservations for May 12, will they be scrambling to find a resort that is open on May 5?

And what if you don’t need a resort.  You have a cabin.  Maybe your cabin is ready, maybe it isn’t.  You might have called the guys and already have taken May 11 as a vacation day.  If you’re smart you took May 14, too.  Now what?

Let’s not forget about all the wives, girlfriends, mothers and such who also planned around the opener.  Let’s face it, everyone sees everyone for Easter…mom and wife are likely looking forward to a weekend alone shared with other “widowed” friends.  What are they going to do, reorganize girls night out for May 5?

What about Wisconsin?  Golly…a lot of us go over there and we had a sort of truce in the fishing wars.  The very walleye eager angler could cross the border a week early for — what I’ll grant you isn’t very good — fishing.

Discussion?  Public input?  Hello?

I don’t know…we’re killing wolves, electing Republicans, and now changing the fishing opener on the fly.  What the hell’s going on in Minnesota?  Send help, please.


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