Let’s Use Some Bachmann Logic to Sort This One Out.

Today's Fashion is Update and Signs Better...Otherwise?Today’s StarTribune features a story telling how women are recovering at a slower pace than men in the job market.  The article suggests that cuts and stereotypes are to blame.

Well, don’t blame anyone but yourself for the cuts.  We do more with less in this country.  Period.  The end.

The stereotype angle is interesting, however.  Really?  Stereotypes.  Who would have thought?

I find it interesting that it was back in the days of pre-progressive politics that America took it for granted that these stereotypes were true.  Women are not as reliable as men, they have to work at home, men should be first because they are the bread winners and so one.  Now the country is slipping back toward those more traditional “family values” as a mainstay of the conservative agenda.  Now I am not blaming the Republicans, but I am just saying that I find it interesting that we have a rise of conservatism and with it a rise in these stereotypes and inequities.  I just think it is an interesting coincidence.

Isn’t that a Bachmannite way of seeing things?  What scares me is…well, I don’t think this joke is so far from the truth!

Save your country.  Don’t vote Republican.  Especially if you’re a woman.  Or a worker.  Or a college student…or even a college professor.  If you have kids, don’t vote Republican.  That includes doctors, lawyers, and dishwashers.  If you have a job, don’t vote Republican.  Or if you have or want an education…or were born with opposable thumbs, don’t vote Republican.  In fact if you eat, don’t vote Republican….or breath air and drink water.  Just don’t do it.


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