Bullying Lawsuit a Frivolous Waste?

Should Be on Every School Library Book Shelf...

An eye-opening opinion in today’s StarTribune exposes how screwed up some on the right interpret Judeo-Christian values.  Their jingoistic interpretation of values is, I would argue, at the root of our political and social decline.

Laurie Thompson, a spokesperson for the Parents Action League, identifies with these “Judeo-Christian values” and we can conclude that her essay damning the lawsuit which attempts to protect the civil rights of students in the Anoka-Hennepin school district is written from her interpretation of those values.

On March 5 of this year, the Anoka-Hennepin school district agreed to a  consent decrees settlement to address anti-gay bullying in the district.  Thompson whines about the cost of the lawsuit — but that shouldn’t surprise us, money is at the root of her brand of Judeo-Christian values — but more telling is the … well, the bullying tone her essay takes.

Sure there were tragic suicides, Thompson agrees, but leave that to the gays to exploit “in an effort to achieve their ultimate goal, which is to abolish conservative moral beliefs about homosexuality by indoctrinating the impressionable, young minds of all our students (via the curriculum” with their propaganda.”

Thompson then calls out a list of pro-gay rights and pro-civil rights organizations — including the Department of Justice — which she says act “under the socialist Obama Administration to wage an all-out war against parental rights, Christianity, and those who strongly support Judeo-Christian values.”  (Yawn.)

With parents like Laurie Thompson it isn’t hard to imagine where bullying children come from.

So what has Thompson all worked up?  I haven’t any idea.  Only in right-wing America would teaching tolerance and protecting rights and safety be considered a threat.

Thompson encourages us to read the 61-page consent decree so we can see what is “coming our way.”  Maybe this will give us a clue of the what’s the looming threat.  Well, I did read the consent decree and I wonder if Thompson took her own advice.

She argues, for example, that the homosexual indoctrination will be part of future curriculum.  I’m not sure where she sees this unless she thinks teaching students to recognize harassment and bully is a curriculum change (and a bad one).   Or perhaps she believes providing parents, teachers, and students with resources on gender identity, gender nonconformity, and sexual orientation is a curriculum change.

At the very heart of this issue is intolerance, but intolerance spins around this issue at many levels.  Laurie Thompson is just another layer.  (She’s even a name-caller:  “Press-hungry, money-grubbing attorneys from the Southern Poverty Law Center.”  Way to go, Laurie!)

In essence Laurie Thompson is saying her conservative values are right and others wrong.  Attacking her values is an attack against families, children, and blah, blah, blah…yeah, whatever, Laurie Thompson.  Come over here and I’ll give you a wedgie.

My values are not Laurie Thompson’s and they are just fine…although Laurie Thompson is testing them.  Indeed.

I like to think I am tolerant of ignorance, but I’m growing quickly intolerant of flops like Laurie Thompson and the Parents Action League. Things have to change.   We are better than this.   Thompson encourages us to “clean house” in the next election and in my opinion that sounds like a grand idea.  I couldn’t agree more.  Let’s do that.

Save your future.  Don’t vote GOP.



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