Wise Men Talk When They Have Something to Say…

…fools talk when they need to say something.  Or something like that.  Plato is the guy credited with the quote and he’s been away for a while.  So while there is no offense intended there likely is none felt.

I am simply looking for a reason to post a picture of Don Knotts who passed away exactly six years and two weeks ago.  Or did he?  I’m not sure if I am supposed to add two days for the two leap years that have occurred since his death.  In fact, this question has relentlessly nagged at me since the idea first came to me on February 29.

When we measure time, we don’t give a damn about that extra day.  It is irrelevant, but I am troubled by the inaccuracy of it all.

Saying Don Knotts died six years and two weeks is different from saying Don Knotts died six years and 14 days ago, but if we are talking about orbits around the sun and the Earth’s spinning revolutions…we should say he died six years and 16 days ago.

But then I started thinking…

A year is a year and time is something else.  Don Knotts died a while ago.  And eventually leap years will mean Christmas will happen July.  Thank god for popes!


Watching the Earth Spin

Wise men talk when they have something to say and fools talk because they have to say something.


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