The Demon of Regret

Saturday.  I have wasted an awful lot of time and recently that trend seems to be on a crescendo pace.  There isn’t a lot to show for it.  Trusting my gut hasn’t panned out all that well.

However, if you want good advice, I have it.  After all, what do they say about the cobbler’s kids?  They don’t have any shoes, right?  But the cobbler is still a cobbler.  Or is it something they say about the plumbing leaks at the plumber’s house?  Either or.

So I am going to “either or” my way to something.  I feel like a quiet place with beer, a cozy place where I can collect my thoughts and read the paper.  I might come up with a way to shrug off a demon or two.  No regret there.

Any suggestions?


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