Iowa Caucus = Tea Party = Who Cares…

Republican presidential candidates are picture...

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

I haven’t an editor, an agent, or a future so I might as well say it:  Who gives a flying rip what a bunch of hayseeds from Iowa think about who will be the best choice for a GOP candidate for president of the United States?  Hallelujah and so on…thank god  that overall we are smarter than poorly informed Tea Party patriots living amongst the corn in Iowa.   (Sorry Iowa.)

The Iowa caucus is an embarrassing fraud.  Perhaps I was a little mean-spirited and snobbish to refer to GOP Iowa caucus goers as hayseeds (but they are GOPers, after all…cut me some slack), however it is hard to see how one of the nation’s most politically, economically, and ethnically homogeneous states represents the interests and opinions of country’s conservative citizens.  Seriously…isn’t anyone shrugging this off?  Who cares?

When you look at the GOP options in Iowa, you have the politically right competing with ever more extreme layers of the conservative right.  It is a shameful mess.  Some candidates, like Iowa’s Michele Bachmann, are simply side shows if not freak shows, but even the mainline conservatives vie with one another for the right to kiss the creamy lumpy ass of a Tea Party misanthrope.  Tell me why we should care about that?

Anyway, once the campaign for a GOP candidate gets away from this pathetic charade, a real and more diverse segment of American society will decide who the real players will be.  This is why guys like Mitt Romney have little to celebrate or fear from an Iowa farce, win or lose.  Conservatives will select a guy who literally looks Republican, sounds convincingly conservative, and doesn’t piss off more people than he — yes, he — pleases.  That’s Romney.

Look, these people are sheep…and being a disciplined herd of sheep has served Republicans well.  They literally have marched this country lock-step off the cliff of prosperity into despair.  Why shouldn’t we expect them to march on behind another milquetoast guy like Romney (maybe with exciting Pawlenty panting at his side)?  The bottom line is the Iowa caucus is a flim flam shim sham…anyone who cares, cares too much about political theater.

Let’s get to the convention and watch these puppets punch it out.  Until then, I am supporting the Ron Paul independent ticket.  Go Ron!


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