America’s Real Job Creators

America's Job Creators

Republicans are at it again.  Claiming they are going to save America by protecting America’s job creators.  If by now you don’t experience a sudden gag reflex whenever you hear a conservative say “job creator,” you need to understand who creates jobs in the United States.

The job creators are not the wealthy elite who fear uncertainty and risk.  No.  The real job creators are the people who actually work the jobs we need to create.  This argument might seem circular because…well…because it is.  Without jobs for America’s middle and working classes, our economy hasn’t the demand for goods and services it needs to spur job growth in an economy like ours.

There is no rational reason — none whatsoever — for the so-called “job creators” that the Republicans protect to create jobs unless and until average Americans have resources to spur economic growth.  Without demand, our economy remains flat.  Even a sophisticated supply-sider understands this; Milton Friedman himself understood this.  But you don’t need an economic degree and a fancy theory to understand this.  Look around.  As we have allowed America’s wealth to trickle upward, detrimental economic results have followed.  The numbers are what they are and those numbers are not good.

Conservatives perpetuate misleading job creator myths because they need to hijack the economy they wrecked in order to impose their regressive social agenda.  The starve the beast strategy is working.  By underfunding government and leaving the economy in ruin, conservatives can argue that poor economic times equal poor prospects for economic growth.

Republicans either don’t understand what is stunting economic growth or they prefer to lie about it in order to trick people into voting against their best interest.  I believe more in the latter than the former.  Regardless, Republicans in Washington should know better…and they do.

An economy that depends on middle class spending is one that needs to respect the middle class more than our current political efforts allow.  Unfortunately, politics today have gone dangerously awry.  It is a disgrace.  Once respected professions in the public sector, like teachers, are dismissed as lazy beggars.  Unions have become a slur on par with communism, socialism, and fascism…never mind the accurate definition of any of these terms…when telling lies they’re all equally bad and equally to blame for ruining America.  Ask Scott Walker.

More Job Creators

What people don’t seem to notice is how gutting the middle class and disparaging the working class has coincided with America’s decline.  The problem is simple.   Our economy does not work because it has less and less to work with.

Meanwhile, as our wealth and treasury flows overseas — into markets in which we haven’t a competitive advantage — those who have the good fortune to invest in those markets thrive while the rest find it more difficult to survive.  The quality of life most people once took for granted is in decline and in danger of being lost for years to come.  And yet we continue to pursue policies that perpetuate this damage, not policies that offer real alternatives to the damage caused since politicians turned against America’s real job creators.

It is time we support America’s real job creators.  After all, what has been the advantage of doing otherwise?  Can we really say we are better off today than we might have been 20 or 30 years ago?  How about just a short ten years ago?

It is hard to see what more anti-tax, anti-government policy will do to make us whole again when that approach is precisely what hasn’t worked for our nation’s advantage.  A key to fixing what isn’t right is a better understanding of what really creates a dynamic economy and economic growth.  Wealthy investors enriching themselves overseas at taxpayers’ expense isn’t the way to get that done.

Save your future.  Don’t vote Republican.


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