Thanksgiving Eve

1968 Ford Torino Squire I photographed in Beve...

The Family Car.

My friends tell me this is the biggest party night of the year, but then I’d expect that from them.  For my part, I feel as flat a Republican toupee and don’t see anything coming along to kick me out of the slump.

Picking on Michele Bachmann isn’t much fun anymore.  Don’t really want to do that.  And we don’t have little Tim Pawlenty to kick around anymore.  Frankly, they all kind kick themselves around rather nicely without much help.  And that’s just boring.

Maybe I am suffering a Walker Percyean malaise.  (How would you credit a quality characteristic to Walker Percy?  Or whatever I mean…)  But it isn’t quite the classic malaise, in the Walker Percy sense, I don’t think.  In fact I think I got it…I identified the feeling…I feel like a kid left in the car while mom goes shopping for a new dress.  Just sitting playing spaceship in an old Ford Torino station wagon and that’s starting to get dull…that sort of feeling.

Yes, by the way, mom’s did that to kids, especially their own kids.

Leaving kids in the car was just fine back in the day and we didn’t end up on the 6:00 news weeping for forgiveness.  Cars were like big play pens, especially so when parked.  Despite our pleading, mom frequently left us in the car…even in the summer!  If we asked nicely mom would leave the keys, too, so we could play with the radio and windshield wipers.  We even turned a car on once or twice until we did that to a car with a manual transmission.

But fear not, this was a time when car windows rolled down and the world was safe.  We even made friends with other kids left behind by their mothers in other cars from time to time.

Golly, being left behind in a car doesn’t really sound all that bad right now, does it?

Instead I’ll suck it up and go out on “the biggest party night of the year” and do my best to be charming on over-priced beer.  I’m sure sometime around midnight I will find my stride and not want to come home, but shoot…that’s six hours from now.

The only sane thing to do is take a nap and dream about being left behind in a car.  With the keys.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Eve

  1. V. Lyn

    I hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving and do not give in too much to malaise.
    I also wanted to say each time I haver read one of your post that you are a magnificent writer. This assessment is from a person who reads 2 books a week and has from the age of 7 if not before and I am into my fifties. This opinion is from a person who wanted to be a great novelist since well since 7.
    I hope you put your talent to a novel one day or submit your writing to magazines. You really are talented.
    Again Happy Holiday!

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