We Don’t Need Super Committees, We Need Action

NRA (National Recovery Administration) member:...

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The inevitable failure of the so-called Super Committee charged with devising a plan to reduce our federal deficit is not surprising.  Political pranks should fail anyway.  But more to the point, we don’t need dysfunctional committees, we need action.  Is it really any big loss that this committee failed produce results?

In the first hundred days of Franklin Roosevelt‘s administration the United States enacted the kind of legislation it would pay for us to look at again today.  Of course the New Deal had problems — perhaps it wasn’t progressive enough, favored some industry over others, tolerated some monopolies and cartels, and so on — but it shows that we can get things done when they need to get done for the sake of our overall good will.

So why not support the NRA?  No, not that NRA.  I mean something like the National Recovery Act!  Or maybe the WPA.  Even Milton Friedman admitted that FDRs recovery policies helped.  Why not today?  If nothing else, all those 30s-era administrations had great logos and posters promoting them.  We could use a little color again.

A stronger economy is what we need.  Not cuts.  Unless, of course, you are willing to cut tax cuts.  It is important to point out that the Bush tax cuts add up to about $1.5 trillion so far, and if they are allowed to continue, they will cost much, much more.  The Super Committee was charged with covering a $1.2 trillion deficit over 10 years.

All these cuts have failed to deliver the promised economic prosperity.  As a point of fact, we are experiencing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and steadily moving in the wrong direction.  So why sustain them?  What did we expect of a Super Committee?

The reason these things won’t happen is simple.  The power is no longer with the people.  It is instead trapped in a very limited economic and political oligarchy which is largely unharmed by America’s decline.  Keep in mind that the few times we have passed legislation to save the economy, the money mostly served the wealthy elite, bailing them out.  Among other problems, the GOP is using the economic crisis to impose a conservative social agenda on America.  Therefore there is no reason to expect cooperation or action from today’s conservative leaders.

Ask conservatives to help students, homeowners, or the unemployed and you encounter only rejection.  Republicans become the Can’t Do party.  This is why asking them to join a committee impaneled to find solutions is fruitless.

The sad irony here is the support enjoyed by today’s GOP.  Good, hard-working people seem to think today’s especially regressive conservatism serves their best interests.  People are being duped by a bastardized rhetoric that espouses the virtues of self-reliance and independence which really only distracts them from their ideological servitude to ideas that undercut our nation’s strength and values.

If people truly were independent and self-reliant, they would take responsibility to be informed and active.  Instead too many of us hand over their personal authority to people and ideas they do not understand.


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