Super Losers

Super Losers.

It is no surprise that the congressional “Super Committee” did not propose a plan for reducing our national deficit.  And it is time to stop pretending this is a bi-partisan problem.  It isn’t.  The GOP is to blame.  Period.

Republicans are beholden to special interests, not tax paying Americans.  Anti-Americans like Grover Norquist have hijacked our government and call the shots.  There is no comparison on the Democrat side.  None.

For decades this country has not had a spending problem, it has had a funding problem.  As taxes have been cut, our public services have been gutted.  The results have been disastrous.

More and more people are either in poverty or dangerously close to it, as many as 100 million or more.  Real wages for most Americans are flat or in decline.  Meaningful economic growth increasingly happens overseas, leaving Americans with fewer prospects for the future.  Still conservatives tell us that we need to continue to do more with less even as they support policies that give more to people who have the most.

On almost every measure, America is in decline.  Yet Republicans want us to believe that the policies they support — the very same policies that have ruined so much — are the solution to the very problems those policies create.

If we are going to square our nation’s bottom line, we need a balanced and intelligent approach.  This includes taxes.  We need to invest in our future, not cut it.  Republicans haven’t any interest whatsoever in a balanced solution.  They want everything their way.  You cannot negotiate with this kind of ignorance.

The solution is in the future and as it looks like it needs to be Repbulican-free.


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