Who Is Alicia Keys?

“Who is Alicia Keys?”

I had no idea.  The name sounded familiar, but I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation and was trying to get caught up.  Alicia Keys?  Alicia Keys?  Maybe she worked at the bar or perhaps she was a neighbor.  I couldn’t remember.  So I asked:

“Who is Alicia Keys?”

Ok, so now I know Alicia Keys is a singer of some talent in a genre I must not know well.  She also appeared on The Cosby Show as a child.  Great stuff.  Can we move on?

No, apparently not.  It seems to be a matter of great significance that you know your pop icons.  (Is she a pop icon?)  I was asked, “How do you not know who Alicia Keys is?”  I’m going to answer that question now.

There are a number of facts and situations that likely explain my insulation from Alicia Keys.  First, and maybe most simply, the radio on my 98 Ford Explorer picks up only one channel and even then only intermittently.  That, by the way, is Minnesota Public Radio.  (Probably doesn’t surprise the familiar reader of this blog, but…no, really…maybe that’s why I am smart politically.)

But then there’s the second reason which I think is more important:

Alicia Keys at Pavilhão Atlântico (Lisbon, Por...

Alicia Keys. I think.

I have other interests.

I have my strange fascination with the British TV Series All Creatures Great and Small, for example.  I like taking walks, especially in bad weather.  I read a fair amount and much of what I read was written before Keys was born and I don’t recall a story about her in the New York Review of Books, although someone can prove me wrong on that.  The bars and restaurants I go to tend not to be R&B hangouts.  When I nap I dream of foreign adventures or hockey games I never played.  And so on.  There are many, many reasons why Alicia Keys has not made an impression.

But this also has me concerned.  Maybe I am guilty of not being as well-informed as I think I am.  Perhaps I should not just skim the Arts & Entertainment section of the New York Times but also read every page and column of that section.  Maybe I should subscribe to Vibe…or is it VIBE?  I don’t know.  What else am I missing?

What do I miss if I don’t go see films like Bridesmaids, Breaking Dawn, or Hangover II?  Or reality shows…I’ve never seen more than a minute or two of any, and that was more than enough.

Should I really care if Kim Kardashian and that local guy — Humphries, I think — split up?  Maybe I should have watched the wedding after all.

A friend shared a photo of a bobcat she shot — which rather disappointed me, actually — but perhaps I should get out and kill a majestic and rare animal from time to time.

Maybe I should dabble in Republicanism!

The bottom line, and I have to admit it, I don’t know who Alicia Keys is because I don’t care.  There.  Maybe someday.  (I refused to watch Twin Peaks on its first run — too trendy for me at the time — but I found it years later and enjoyed it very much.  Less trendy.)  She needs a more thoughtful, more substantive blog anyway.

By the way, I heard Alicia Keys is pregnant.  Is that true?


One thought on “Who Is Alicia Keys?

  1. V. Lyn

    While I love Alicia Keyes soulful sounds I agree with your post 100%. When it comes down to the things YOU KNOW and DON”T KNOW, like China has had nuclear weapons for over 60 years or that Alicia Keyes is or is not a singer or is or is not pregnant, the things to care abou or know d take a hierarcy. And who Alici Keyes falls low on that list.


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