Using My Computer To Get Organized: An Overwhelming Proposition.

My head hurts.

I am trying to find a simple, easy way to use all the promise my computer offers to get me and information I use or want to save organized.  And I have to say, it is a mess.

I have sampled several services — Catch Notes, Astrid, Google Tasks, Microsoft Outlook, HTC Sync, Read Later, Diigo, Photobucket, Panoramio — and I don’t know up from down.

Some of these programs work together and some are (I think) different names for the same thing.  Some of these programs are “social” (i.e., sharing) platforms, some are not.  What does that mean?  Who shares and who doesn’t?  I am utterly confused.

And if a program called Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate warns before installing that it can access all files on my computer, should I be concerned?  What — exactly — does that mean?

And why does my Dell Webcam process start running automatically when I turn on my computer?  Am I being spied on?  (I note this when I go to Task Master to see if I can kill processes and speed up my computer, which I can’t…)

I am beginning to feel like Andy Rooney (may he rest in peace) with all of my confusion, rapid-fire questions, and doubt.  Does becoming a curmudgeon make one more or less charming?

And don’t even think of looking for help online.  That’s where the headache started.  Everyone and everything is the best and yet I feel like I am only getting half the story.  Is Diigo really the best bookmarking and annotating research tool on the web?  I thought Google was the best at everything.  Sometimes things sync, so to speak, most of the time they don’t.  I simply feel dumb and it hurts.

So do I just throw caution to the wind and risk that the world my stumble upon my photo collection of kittens hugging teddy bears or my galleries of Gothic girl porn?  Do I care if anyone reads my exaggerated journal entries?  Do I even want to be organized and info-packed in the first place?

I want my computer to make my life less, not more, complicated and this is my message in a bottle.  Anyone picking it up?



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