Living in Post-Democratic America: Tip 1

Still Time for One More

With an election looming in a little less than a year and the oligarchs aligning their horde of doting minions the chance exists that the situation in American will get even worst, perhaps a new Dark Age.  So I have been making notes while thinking about surviving the situation.  I’ve decided to share a tip from time to time.

This blog has become a bit of a food and fashion blog so I think it is appropriate that my first tip relates to food.  Eating, after all, is very important and we have to do it in good times and bad.  So what happens if times get really bad?  Suppose the GOP gains complete control of government?  Well…think of three year olds gaining control of a jumbo jet…we’re in trouble.

And I think even your simple sandwich is in trouble if we elect a Republican president and congress.

I enjoy ham and cheese sandwiches, turkey and cheese, too.  In fact I think I’ll have one shortly and treat myself to an early lunch.  Sandwich time is the perfect time to sit back and reflect.  You know, what if…?

And I start thinking, “What if Republicans and the special interests that control them lead this country into further ruin?”

I stop chewing and swallow hard…

More and more Americans already live in poverty or on the edge of it.  Getting by is getting tough.  Republicans have no interest in turning that around.  It’s likely they don’t possess the education or sophistication to understand even their own best interests, not to mention national interests.  Many simply are stupid.  But we already know this.  We also know that ineptitude is not the best path to solutions.

We may not have food riots…there’s always the illusion of nutrition in poor countries like ours with all of our cheap junk food…but we might have fewer choices.  So I started thinking about threats to my humble sandwich and came up with some great ideas.

Instead of ham and cheese twice a week, for example, what if I had a ham sandwich one day and then a cheese sandwich the next day?  I might still get my quality deli ham and cheese, but make it last double-time!  Of course I would consume the same amount of bread, but that’s the lesser of the expenses.  Is this a great idea or what?

You try it.

Ok, let’s say peanut butter and jelly.  Yes, one day a peanut butter sandwich and the next a jelly sandwich!  I never liked peanut butter and jelly together as a kid anyway and my mother had this crazy idea that all bread, even sandwich bread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches had to be buttered first.  So I have come a long way since then.  No butter on my sandwich bread and I eat peanut butter AND jelly together.  But I could go back to peanut butter one day and jelly the next all in the interest of surviving post-democratic America.

Your kids will catch on, too; hell, they won’t have a choice.  You might make it fun for the kids anyway.  Suppose you’re really strapped and even bread is running thin.  I have a great idea:  “Pizza” squares.

A “pizza” square essentially is an open-faced sandwich.

“What’s for lunch, mom?”

“Oh, Johnny and Sue, we’re having fun pizza squares!”

Imagine the excitement.  Just keep things positive and exciting as you describe and serve slices of toasted bread spread with either peanut butter or jelly.  This way you save bread and peanut butter and jelly.  Cool, huh?

We might not eat as much as we used to eat, but hey…we’re getting fat anyway.  If you can keep your kid out of the school lunch room and the strip mall fast food joints, you might save him from diabetes and that’s a good thing.  Let’s not forget, the new American way is less for more after all.  And with our declining health care system and its rising costs, who can afford to be sick anyway?  Remember, as those visionaries in the Republican Party tell us, we have to cut, cut, cut our way to greatness.  Might as well cut the calories, too.

So there you have Living in Post-Democratic America:  Tip 1.  I should make it clear that while I am using title case rules to capitalize the title of this post, you can think of our decline as both post-Democratic and post-democratic.  The latter is the more frightening and most dangerous.  Watch out…really…and if you’re not going to watch out, then keep your head down.

Hopefully most of us won’t just keep our head down.


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