Dinner Tonight

Gosh, I don’t know…but we seem to be evolving into a food and fashion blog.  I kind of miss picking on Republicans, but golly…they don’t really need my help.  I mean look at them.  They’re better than any punchline I could hope to come up with just by getting out of bed in the morning.  Bachmann, Perry, Cain…that’s what they have to offer over there at the GOP.  Intellectual giants they are not.  I’m not sure how you would describe it, so I think I’ll just stay out of it for a bit longer and write about peas and carrots.

Oh, and what good peas and carrots we had tonight!  Take a look at the fuzzy camera phone photo of tonight’s dinner.  This really is a sort of Thanksgiving prep.  We have the more tender of the America‘s common choice for poultry, the humble and yet still hearty chicken, with a nice side of root vegetables (three actually) and buttered peas.

You’ll notice that I organized my root vegetables in one area on my plate.  Carrots, potatoes, and squash.  I like it that way.  Then an overwhelming serving of buttered peas not only tastes very good, but adds a satisfying flash of color.  Without the green, that golden chicken would look rather washed out resting against squash and potatoes, so you need the green.

Some people might be tempted to go over the top and add some corn, but I exercise restraint, even when Green Giant canned corn is only 33 cents a can at Lunds.  (Yes, I do enjoy canned corn every once in a while.  You should, too.)

You know, I wasn’t going to be political here on my evolving food and fashion blog, but I wonder if common people like me will enjoy meals like this in a post-democratic America.  Let’s hope enough educated people get out there and vote next November so we don’t have to find out.

I’m already planning ahead though.  I’ve learned, for example, that mixing the flavor pack from a package of instant ramen noodles to mashed potatoes can make a flavorful substitute for the real thing.  Can’t find chicken at the store?  No problem.  Mix in some chicken flavoring with your potatoes and reminisce.

Let’s hope not.


2 thoughts on “Dinner Tonight

  1. V. Lyn

    I fear we are already at the precipice of the post- democratic America and are now about to leap into the world of serfdom. And I fear our Corporate Masters will not be generous enough that we will be able to eat such a splendid and indeed colorful meal as you so artfully and yes slightly fuzzily displayed.
    So I have stocked up on Ramen noodles and Hormel chili and am attempting to concoct several creative and tasty dishes from 2 superb ingredients three if I used the seasoning packet that ramen suppklies separately. So here’s to people voting “sanely” in November because my culinary endeavors have not been nearly as successful as yours.

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