What I Am Wearing Tonight

Natasza Urbańska

I just think she looks good. Has nothing to do with post. Her name is Natasha.

Yes, friends and fans, I am going out tonight.  I don’t care what Morrisey says. And by the way, no I am not gay, but I did spend a half hour laying out a few options for the night.  It turns out I do have a stitch to wear.

I started with a black cotton and wool dress shirt because I have been eager to match that with one of those over-priced ties I bought earlier this fall.  I picked the grey wool/cashmere blend herringbone tie.  They look perfectly matched.

Then I decided on a pair of heavy canvas pants that I got at Smith & Hawkins years ago.  I think it is a good idea to mix it up a little.  The canvas pants are substantial and casual, perfect for a fall night out.  And the secret to wearing good clothes is to not look like you’re trying.

For a jacket I chose a black cashmere flannel jacket.  It’s a two-button jacket and I hate two-button jackets, but it does the trick and it keeps me warm while showing off the tie.  (I still would be much more comfortable and better off in a three-button jacket.)

Black shell cordovan shoes — dyed black — with a black belt and thick wool socks of the kind you cannot find anymore.  For accessories, my (fake) round tortoise shell glasses and a watch that tells the wrong time because the jeweler made it sound like if I touched it wrong it would fall apart and be ruined.  Currently it is 4;24.

Now I am ready to go out.  I am heading to a show downtown, a gallery opening and artist’s reception.  Actually it looks like a lot of artists.  These are always a good time — well, usually a good time — and I am looking forward to it.  My friend Louisa’s shows are always fun.


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