Late Fall Color

For all the fuss over peak autumn colors, you would think there would be something to it.  In truth, “peak” fall colors is a matter of opinion and regardless of opinion deep bands of color still highlight the countryside.  Go out and take a look.

The St. Croix River valley in particular seems rather colorful.  Unfortunately my camera doesn’t get it all, but the oaks are in perfect maroon shades and many maples still have enough color to shine.  And scattered everywhere are late autumn yellows and golds.

But what makes it all so much more beautiful are the bare trees and branches that unclutter the forest’s colors.  Those branches already stripped clean by the wind do a lot for the landscape’s texture.  It is quite nice.

I was back at the Arcola Mills Site again on a very bright and still day just over a week ago while the site was still open to the public.  This time no October thunderstorm interrupted me and I had time to poke around more.

There are some amazing old buildings on the site other than the restored old house, including one that would have been a perfect retreat.  Unfortunately it is falling in upon itself and is mostly beyond repair.  I can easily imagine enjoying whiskey cocktails on the old porch of that place.  It is perfectly elegant in its old simplicity.  Such a shame it is in such bad shape.

Autumn is the best time of the year.  In fact I have mostly forgotten about all the foolishness happening all around us because I enjoy fall so much.  These little St. Croix junkets keep my head on straight.  There is a lot of foolishness happening out there these days, though…so I suppose we can get back on politics and common sense and start solving the problems of the world…one at a time.

Until then, scroll down through this blog and find something better to read.  You won’t have to look far.  Tell your friends and family to do the same.


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