What Happened to Primary Color Electric Lights?

How did this happen?  I am on a Star Trek jag.

Watching my third episode tonight.  (Season 1, Episode 20:  Tomorrow is Yesterday.)  It is good campy fun, but I’m not sure that’s the primary appeal.

In fact I think the appeal is something else primary; primary colors to be precise.

Star Trek has a rather flat visual look by our standards today, but it sure is pretty with all that blue, red, and yellow.  Greens and purples, too.  And of course there is plenty of orange.  All of it is splashed against a canvas of grey.  The Enterprise is a fairly dark and drab ship when you get down to it.

But I like all of that color!  Everything, even the lighting, is a kaleidoscope of color, which makes me wonder…were bright colorful lights something more common in 1960s decor?  Watching Star Trek brings back faint memories of some neighbor’s rec room.

And that has me wondering a bit more….why the sudden nostalgia trip on my part?  Perhaps it is time to bring back the rants and walks.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Now it is time for Technicolor dreams.


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