What I Wore Today

Versatile Neckties

Today I wore a dark olive Joseph Abboud three-button suit I picked up at Saks Fifth Avenue about ten years ago when both Joseph Abboud and Saks Fifth Avenue were more hip than either are today.

Unlike Abboud’s overly-constructed suits the ex-NFL athletes wear on Fox NFL Sunday, mine is of a more European styled look; subtle dark olive crows feet weave, tailored with soft shoulders on a trim, easily-draped jacket paired with pleated pants that I’m told are outdated, but I like them.

Neither my size nor my style has changed much in ten years.

Regular readers … yes, regular readers … might recall an earlier post when I mused about adding a necktie to my rustic outdoors style.  It seems it was the thing to do back in the early part of the last century, at least for some people, and I cannot imagine Siegfried Farnon not going out and about in the woods without a proper cravat, so I went looking for the proper woodsman’s tie.  And I found it; found two, actually.

They were not cheap, unfortunately, but I think they will fit the bill nicely.  I wore one of them today with my ten-year-old suit and it brought the suit from uptown to small town perfectly.

As a result, I feel better now about the splurge on the ties.  I can wear them while stalking deer and raccoons with my camera phone or stalking clients with my book of orders.

I like things with multiple utility; it makes my recklessness seem more practical somehow.

(About the ties, one tie is a hefty wool twill rep tie in dark blue with muted gold and red stripes; perfect for the woods.  The other is a wool/cashmere tie, grey herringbone…will dress up any chore whether that be chopping up wood or chatting up the cute woman at the bar.)

Overall my look was, as usual, understated and subdued.  I like that.  So I wore simple grey oxford shirt from Brooks Brothers Black Fleece collection.  I suggest that every man have several Black Fleece oxfords.  They wear like iron.  And they offer multiple utility.  You can wear them anywhere.  And if they ever do wear out — which isn’t likely — you’ll have a great shirt to wear while staining the deck or changing the oil.

Shell cordovan belt and shoes to hold everything together today and that’s it.

You see…I didn’t have a decision about what to write today.   Ideas on my post-it note include the ethics of bear baiting for the hunt, the absurd idea of building a Vikings stadium in Arden Hills regardless of who pays for it, or — as a last resort — what I wore today.

Actually, I have had the idea to write “What I Wore Today” for a long time.  Perhaps I really didn’t want to write about anything else.

So now scroll down through my blog and find something better to read — you’ve earned it! — and tell all your friends.


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