Which is a Greater Waste of Time?

[Ok WordPress…I am trying to save this to drafts and not publish, but this ends up being published!  Makes me uneasy.  This is draft and should be marked as such.]

I’m stubbornly hanging on to this one.  It is all I have got and I think I am right.  Correct.  Having stopped at the neighborhood bar and walked home surrounded by a chorus of crickets (which should be dead this time of the year) I asked myself:  Which is a greater waste of time…my routine or…

The “or” part is the sticky part.

Millions of Americans are home watching television or maybe they’re watching soccer practice.  I haven’t any idea.  I know they are not at my bar and for that I am grateful.  But let’s pick at this one by one.  Let’s say they’re watching television and then ask the question:

“Which is a greater waste of time?”

I don’t know.  I love the arts and entertainment as much as the next guy — probably more to be honest — but…well…let me go to David Letterman for help.  He runs a new segment on his show he calls the “Tiffany Network” or something like that.  The idea is simple and to the point.  In the past, CBS branded itself as the network of “Tiffany” style and polish, you know…class.  Dignity and style mattered.  Manners for certain.  So Letterman runs a short montage of the prime time CBS broadcasting clips and…well, it’s garbage.

The humor is crude, stupid, and insulting.  The writers should be embarrassed.  The producers should be embarrassed for hiring the writers.  But talent has not place in television anymore.  It is non-stop street corner cliché.  It is crap layered on crap.  And that’s the good stuff.  You can watch “reality TV” and watch desperation announce itself…no…pronounce itself.  That’s what I mean.  Stupidity removed from an art form and made into a commodity.  Who has more stupid to sell?  The real efforts toward performing arts might be in some dramas…but the tiresome narrative of understated cool in crime and medical dramas can only entertain a mind deep in a coma.

What did I do rather than rot in front of Orwellian television?  I had a pizza.  I had a glass of cheap wine or two.  I talked to a few friends.  I embarrassed a couple (I thought she was my friend Patrice…damn sure she was…turned out not to be…and he lost control…he is a TV kind of guy)…I had a glass of wine or two…talked to a few friends…

See the pattern?  NO TV IS INVOLVED.

I think of the ways I enlightened the world.  I explained to a woman how to tell the temperature with a watch and some math.  (Count cricket chirps for fifteen seconds and ad 37.  You’ll have the temperature in farenheit.)  I clarified the difference between supply-side and demand-side economics.  I admitted that I liked De Sica more than Rohmer, but prefer Antonioni and Truffaut above them both, almost as much as Bergman.  And I said once again that I haven’t any idea what a tight end does, but “I sure like yours”.  (That line will never get old, will it?)

I could have been home filling my mind with rubbish and filth, but the Republicans were not debating tonight.  (Ha!)  Instead I was having drinks, talk, and food with people who were out of the house and doing something.  So which is a greater waste of time?  Watching crappy TV?  Watching your kid chase a soccer ball?  Maybe pissing in the rose bushes?  Or going out and doing something?

I opt instead for doing something.

Save to drafts…


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