Minnesota Champion Cottonwood?

Impressive Cottonwood. Roberts Bird Sanctuary. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The reigning Minnesota champion cottonwood tree is impressive.  It has a diameter over 32 feet and reaches 106 feet into the sky.  It is on public land in Chippewa County near the town of Watson and I cannot find a picture of it.

But I can find a picture of this giant cottonwood…I took this picture!  This tree is located along my regular walk through the Roberts Bird Sanctuary in Minneapolis.

This tree is quite large, but I’m not sure if it qualifies.  You have to measure the circumference at 4 1/2 feet above the ground.  This is a regulation I didn’t know when I thought of the tree’s potential.  At three feet I think you have a record circumference.  That tree has to be more than 32 feet around.  I’ll see if the trunk divides lower than 4 1/2 feet.

I can’t be sure of the height of the tree in the sanctuary, but I downloaded an app for my phone that’s supposed to help you measure the height of objects.  I’m not sure how I’ll get an accurate measurement in a thick grove of trees, however.  I suppose I could try measuring the trees en masse and then estimate the height of my tree.

A scoring system exists for rating trees.  They are judged on a point scale which is awarded by measuring the circumference of the trunk in inches at 4 1/2 feet above the ground, the height of the tree in feet, and one-quarter of the tree’s crown spread in feet.  You add up the three numbers and you get a score.  The cottonwood of record in Minnesota has a score of 528, which also happens to be the highest score among all champion trees recorded.

The second highest score is a silver maple, recorded and reported by a guy named Milford.  You expect guys named Milford to be out there measuring trees.

I’ll do a little more research tomorrow.  In the meantime, please congratulate me for writing yet another post without any political rant.

(Don’t vote Republican.  Save your country.)


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