Roughing it Elegantly

These Guys Get It!

I borrowed the title of this post from a book I had as a boy.  Roughing it Elegantly was a guide to the outdoors by Patricia Bell, I believe.  (I suppose I can look it up.)  Reading the book inspired an interest in the outdoors that hasn’t entirely faded, but has become far too passive.

It is another guide the outdoors that I want to comment about anyway.  Specifically it is a tip in the book that I enjoy very much.

The book is Your Cabin in the Woods, a 1945 perspective on recreational outdoor living written by Conrad Meinecke.  It is great fun to read and I often read it cover-to-cover in one sitting when I do read it.

The tip I enjoy most always makes me feel good.  I like the aesthetic, the style of the tip…literally.

In the chapter “What Shall I Wear?” he suggests for “Winter Togs” that one should select a “necktie to reflect one’s personality, whim or mood.”  Shoot, yes!  Why would you do anything else?  And I look forward to doing just this, selecting a necktie that reflects my personality, whim or mood whenever I am tramping about in the woods.  In fact I just went to the Brooks Brothers site (seems entirely apropos to fulfill this advice at Brooks Brothers) and selected two ties that I think will suit the task perfectly.  Both are a wool flannel and one suits a more flashy mood (stripes) and the other a more serious or working mood (grey herringbone).  I can hardly wait!

Now of course I need to make sure I have the proper shirt and vest or jacket combination for this tie, but I doubt there will be many fashion critics at the Decoy Inn or the Lumberjack to judge me one way or the other.  In general I think we need a bit more style — a little more panache — around us whether in the woods or not.  I’m going for it.

Not Bad, But a Tie Wouldn't Hurt.

And, by the way, it is indeed Patricia Bell who wrote Roughing it Elegantly.   I highly recommend both of these books — Your Cabin in the Woods and Roughing it Elegantly — for anyone with outdoors interests.   Roughing it Elegantly is a more practical and current guide book, but both offer a flavor for things as they once were and still can be in the woods.  They just come from the perspectives of different eras.  Nothing wrong with that either…just like wearing a tie in the woods.

Now that you have read this, tell your friends before scrolling down and reading more posts.  Hurry.  Don’t dally.

And since I am pointlessly babbling rather than concisely concluding my post with purpose, let me stoop to a little materialism, as if I haven’t already.  But golly…I have to say, I’m kind of giddy all over about this Bodum Frykat Grill!  You want to talk outdoorsy panache?  This has panache.  Where do I get one?


2 thoughts on “Roughing it Elegantly

  1. pauline kale

    This posting begs the question “Which tie is most appropriate for wearing when you are hanging out at your outhouse in the woods?” Our inquiring minds are dying to know this…

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