Sunday Morning…Ugh.

I have come to dread Sunday mornings.  Pick up the paper or turn on the television and you have an eye full of what’s wrong in the United States.  If it needs to be summed up in one word, that word would be stupidity, but it comes with all its related manifestations.  Ignorance, paranoia, immorality, corruption.

For my part, I am tired of the political right.  What a pack of unpleasant people.  They range from pathetic puppets to disgraceful criminals.  These people have no legitimate ideas and should not have a legitimate voice in our government.  But they do.  When a democracy suffers, the problems startswith the voter, alas.  And until we become better and smarter, we can expect to suffer under bad ideas.

So let’s go for a walk.  Take our mind off of things for a while…I’ll be back.


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