Trending in the Right Direction

At least something appears to be trending in the right direction.  Think glass half full.

While President Barak Obama’s numbers remain low, this isn’t necessarily unusual for presidents in recent decades.  Even the beatified Ronald Reagan struggled in the polls in his first term.

There is, however, a number that polls even lower.  Congressional job approval is miserably low, a record low, in fact.  This, of course, includes Congressional Democrats struggling against obstinate GOP cynicism, but when we look generally at the regressive Republicans, they continue to lose favor with Americans.

Ironically, perhaps, I’ll call this good news.

According to the most recent CNN poll, more Americans continue to trust Obama and his policies over GOP policies.  Forty-three percent of Americans favor Obama’s job plan while only 35% oppose it.  Forty-six percent of Americans trust Obama more to handle our economy over Republicans by 46% over 37%.  This is a sign of hope, especially in a country largely disengaged from facts and history.

Many reasons for concern remain, however.  First off these number reflect opinions in a system that most Americans think is broken.  Republicans running for office now are campaigning against this system and it isn’t clear that some voters want more, not less, of the GOP’s anti-government, anti-American policies as a solution.

The challenge for Democrats, especially the current Democratic leadership, remains the single problem of gaining control of the nation’s political narrative.  Democrats lost control of our political discourse and have been playing defense ever since.  This needs to change.

There is hope, however.  People are not happy and with this there is opportunity.


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