Minnesota College Republicans and Silly Free Market Logic [draft]

Proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Minnesota College Republicans organized an absurd protest today.   They protested a ban on selling bottled water at the College of St. Benedict arguing that the college does not have the right to ban the sales.  They argue it is an example of government interfering with rights and the free market.   Silly.

[There was a good quote…find it.]

If this is the future of the Republican Party, we can’t expect the intellectual weakness of today’s leadership to change anytime soon.  Republicans can’t even keep the logic of their own ideological platform straight!  But they really don’t understand economics and free markets anyway.  They merely claim they do.

Imagine Rand Paul, Rick Perry, or Michele Bachmann reacting to government telling a business like….oh, I don’t know…Crystal Cathedral Ministries that they had to sell Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion so as to not interfere with people’s right to buy his book?

And then of course you have the free market choice to attend a college or university that does sell bottled water.  Right?  In fact, wouldn’t the free market determine if and where bottled water would be sold?

The College Republicans seem to be on the path to a state-run economy as I see it.

These naive boys and girls would be better off spending their time in a classroom.

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