Did I Just Hear Cantor Say…?

Everyone Has One.

My god…what universe are we in?  Find me an angel, reassure me that all is well.  Eric Cantor criticized Obama’s speech saying that the all or nothing approach isn’t going to work.  Cantor claimed to be disappointed in Obama’s non-bipartisan tone.

I am speechless here…

Do Republicans think we are that stupid?  I’m sorry…are Republicans that stupid?  What gives here?  Like most Republicans, that man is a disgrace.  We suffered through a summer of gridlock because of Republican petulance.  Remember that debt ceiling crisis?  My way or the highway!

Republicans are without shame.  Their blatantly stupid and hypocritical behavior has damaged this country enough.  Put blame where it belongs.  Republicans — and their backward, regressive ignorance — are undercutting America’s great legacy.



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