About Getting Things Done

You Have to Think These People Would Expect More of Us…

I’m feeling a little hot and ranty today…

Now that summer is over…it is in my book, anyway…I am going to focus on my much-promised, never-delivered program to get organized and get things done.  You will know I am serious because rather than go out for a glass of wine to celebrate the changing season with friends, I am home thinking about this.  (I want to have a good start on better habits BEFORE the resolution-making season at the end of the year.)

And there’s so much to do…

Hell, we have dangerous villains and freaks lurking damn near everywhere.  Have you noticed?  No, not beatniks and vampires…omething worse, much worse.  This gang goes by the once-respectable cover known as Republicans.

And it gets worse…

We have a ninny for a president fighting them.  Seriously…why are Republicans going to the expense and effort to try to replace Obama?  Love the status quo?  Don’t change anything.   Sadly, for as long as we have a dicombobulated public that doesn’t know left from right, does it really matter to the GOP agenda if Obama stays or goes?  Think about it.

It is bleak, but it could be fun, too, you know…in a dark and twisted way.  Where’s your sense of adventure?  Dark times, yes…but exciting, too.  Mother always said the monsters in horror films where make believe and the Nazi’s went away years ago.  But now look!  Living in America today is like being in some real life horror film or war film…and everyone has the chance to be…oh, I don’t know, Anthony Edwards in Miracle Mile.

Well, ok…maybe I am bit off…I enjoy my gallows humor…but do we wait for things to really get really, really bad before acting?  What’s the alternative?  What will life be like in a post-democratic America?  It is hard to say, but I see a lot of high-fructose corn syrup in our future.  We ain’t getting any better, are we?  Politics in this country suffers under the very heavy burden of extreme right wing ideology.  The situation is not moderating toward compromises that offer solutions, but sliding even further toward the edge by the pull of an extremist anti-government agenda.

On the bright side, however, I am going to start getting things done!  We might end up living in an America led by the Christian Taliban, but I am still going to get things done.  In fact, looking into the future I think I might be able to match my sales experience with my creative skills and come up with things that might be useful in a post-democratic America.  Maybe something like designer cases for voter ID cards or faux book covers that make that copy of Dickens or Mailer … or whatever subversive literature you’re reading … look like a proper Christian bible.  Oh, the little games we’ll get to play while we try to avoid being imprisoned for vagrancy or shot for heresy…how much fun!  And fun will be the key to coping with a more stupid and less free America.

But I should stop being so flippantly pessimistic and start doing something positive for the country.  I have asked more than one Republican to leave, but that doesn’t seem to work.  They like the lazy blameless lifestyle that better generations created for them.  Of course they don’t realize that their children and grandchildren will suffer miserably and probably die at a younger age than they will, but they’re Republicans and Republicans are not used to thinking about things, especially the future or other people.

But damn it, I think, and you think too!  It is time to stop pretending that Republicans offer a legitimate and sane voice in America today.  That elephant fell off the cliff a generation ago.  It is time to get up and say something to counter the backwardness of the right.  This is a serious civil rights issue, it is a dangerous social issue.  Our future is going to hell in a handbasket as the foundation of this country is being destroyed.  Time to speak up people.  Democracy isn’t dead quite yet.  You can still vote in America…most of us can, anyway, and they’re busy trying to change that…so vote!

So here is my Get it Done challenge for the day.  Good people (obviously excluding the demented people on the right), find a way to get politically active and stick to it.  And for Christ’s sake…vote!  And don’t vote for some independent.  I used to do that.  It’s a waste.  We live with a flawed two-party system and when the other side is as bad as it is today there is no room for voter protest.

In review…get politically active…it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but do something.  Send a couple bucks to a Democrat candidate’s campaign.  Make a phone call or write an editorial.  At the very least don’t be silent when you hear stupidity talked on the street.  Friends will listen.  And above all else, save your country…don’t vote Republican!

One last thing…a post script…read Daring to Say the F-Word.  Might seem a little alarmist to some, but the concerns he raises are legit.  We are losing democratic power to narrow interests and the country is worse off because of it.


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