Is It Just Me or Is It Just Sunday?

Lake Harriet, West Shoreline, Late Spring 2011.

Everything is awfully quiet.  Even the around-the-clock news coverage of Hurricane Irene has lost a lot of its hype.  Yes, I know that’s a big storm and a big deal, but there’s only so much a person needs to know and storms have a way of passing quickly.  Unless that storm goes by the name Gadaffi, that sort of trouble can linger a bit.  Everything else, however, is rather calm and quiet newswise.  Even the idiots on the right are staying quiet today.

So I took myself for a nice long walk.  I will need to learn how to share my GPS tracks — with photos would be great — but until that happens you’ll just have to trust that my walk was a pleasant meandering wander.  (I also need to figure out how to fix Zemanta on WordPress!)

I walked along the west side of Lake Harriet, past the very active bandshell and Bread and Pickle, then back to the Roberts Bird Sanctuary.  Plenty to see.  Muskrats, deer, and many butterflies and birds.  Out the other side of the bird sanctuary I then roamed into the Lyndale Park Rose Garden, a much-underappreciated park, in my opinion.  With its large fountains and well-maintained grounds it feels like what I imagine a real urban park of years ago would have been.

Then I wandered back toward home where I found an interesting sign describing a project to study urban trees.  A lot to read there.  I’ll have to go back.  And I met and finally talked to a woman I see in the neighborhood quite often.  Her name is Marie and she’s an older woman from — I am guessing — South America.  Her English is difficult to follow, but I understand she is trying to get a Minnesota nursing license so she can get back to work.  It sounds like a tedious and costly endeavor.  I’m not sure why she let her license lapse, but that seems to be an issue complicating things.

A Man, A Dog, and A Banjo.

The beach on the north side of the lake wasn’t as busy as it is on the hotter midsummer days, but plenty of people were there enjoying one of the last days of summer.  An even larger crowd gathered down at the bandshell.  A band was set up for the afternoon.  I have no time for that, however.  I continued home.

And that’s about it.  Nothing really to report or write about today.  Not doing much more than sitting, reading, and watching old films.  Tomorrow starts another busy week.  A lot to do then so now enjoying today.

One last thing…don’t forget your summer dinners.  I’m doing old-style hot dogs, corn on the cob, baked beans, and sliced tomatoes.  Wish I had potato salad.  (Do the worries really need to start again tomorrow?)



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