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Not Me.

No doubt America is on the road to perdition.  Today’s east coast earthquake proves that.  But sometimes I feel I might be heading the same way and wonder what the fuss is all about.

When I am not out boozing and insulting women, I am wasting my time watching old movies.  It really isn’t an unpleasant way to avoid more noble pursuits.  Like this blog, for instance.  (More on that in a moment.)  Some people might even think staying in with a good movie is a smart way to spend the evening.

I have my doubts.

I don’t want to advertise for Netflix, however I have been devouring films and old television shows like never before in my life.  I haven’t had cable television for years in large part because I watch so little television, but now I am watching films and television whenever I get a chance.  It is film noir now.  Earlier this month it was old science fiction.  In July I enjoyed old French cinema.  Sprinkled with these little film festivals I have watched plenty of old television…Andy Griffith, Star Trek, Sponge Bob, Julia Child…each educational in its own way.

Unfortunately, I am not getting anything done.  Nothing.  I do have a new blog in the works, but saying that only sounds empty.  Whoopee.  A new blog.  Where is it?  In fact this post is only here so I can look at today and say that I at least posted something on A Little Tour in Yellow.  (This post is a space holder.  A writing exercise.  A mere formality.)

So let’s get back on it.  Like America, I need to find my way.  Let’s see who gets on track first.  Me…or the United States of America!

First, I need a passion…




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