David Axelrod Reaffirms It

David Axelrod

On ABC News This Week, David Axelrod, former advisor to President Obama, reiterated the myth that solving our nation’s deficit is the immediate economic problem.  He also tried to frame it in a bi-partisan way and called for a “balanced” solution.

Wrong and wrong.

It has been said over and over and over again.  The deficit is not the immediate problem.  We are in a demand-starved economy.  We need economic growth and until we move money in the economy that is not going to happen.  Cutting spending — reducing the deficit — will work against recovery, not help it.  A slower recovery means delayed growth.  This is obvious.  But Americans confuse politicians and pundits for economists.  Until this changes…we’re sunk.

We might be in trouble anyway.  The anti-government Republicans have defined the economic debate in this country.  When Axelrod calls for a “balanced” solution to a Republican priority he only reaffirms that this country does not have a practical solution to the bad ideas dominating Washington today.  This is ridiculous.

Somebody needs to be reframing this debate in a better terms.  We need an aggressive, game-changing message behind a job-growing, government spending plan, not some namby-pampy attempt at compromise that will never happen.

Democrats need to be smarter than they have been.  Republicans are not colleagues, are not interested in working with Democrats.  Stop trying to placate them.  Bowl over them.  At least get a message that offers a real alternative to their failed ideas.


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