Waiting for President Obama

That is not the reaction we are looking for...

Well he did it again…or perhaps it is more accurate to say he didn’t do it again.  President Obama spoke and offered little that we haven’t heard before.

We need President Obama to stand up and spell it out, he needs to explain to Americans the facts and rationale supporting an anti-Republican plan to save our economy rather than playing defense against the conservative attacks.  He isn’t doing it.

Today in Cannon Falls, MN, we heard a lot of the same generalities about shared sacrifice and billionaires and so and so on…but no real reason why his spin on things should be preferred to the other guys’ ideas.

The right whined and complained — that’s what they’re good at — about Obama’s “tax payer expense” trip to Minnesota, but taking trips like this is exactly what our leader should do and do often.  He is not finding cooperation or ideas in the intellectually-challenged halls of Congress, it only follows that he work with the public.

I’m not expecting a Braveheart moment, but this is what leaders do.  We need Obama to create a narrative of his own and use it.  He has to explain to people the economic advantages of working idea.  Hell, if he can’t articulate it himself, he should plagiarize his speech from the common sense expressed time and time again in the respectable press!

He doesn’t need to get highfalutin and wonkish about this … hell, Republicans haven’t even a hint of credibility and yet they have hordes of blind followers.  Why?  Because they have a story, they keep telling it, and then they tell it again.  Plus the President feeds is opponents opportunities to do things like make ridiculous claims about “socialism” and “class warfare.”  He’s become an easy foil in a high-stakes rhetorical game when we need him to be clear and convincing leader.

Here's the problem. Poorly informed Americans. And they vote!

Sure, perhaps I am overly simplifying things and sound like I think it should be easy to change the narrative of political debate in this country, but just about anything has to be easier than what we are suffering through now.  To make it simple, let’s just say we need a message, we need a narrative…I’ll even say we need our own sound bites!

President Obama needs to tell Americans why short-term stimulus now is necessary, explain the immediate and necessary benefit to the economy.  Deal with this short term crisis now.

Then explain who the longer term problem of debt and deficit will be resolved, offering a credible solution that forces the opposition to respond.  He should explain how costly wrong decisions now are for the future, how they add to our economic woes rather than resolve them.

Facts and history support solutions Republicans simply cannot understand.  Trying to work with their ideas is abolutely fruitless and only interfers with better ideas.  So let’s get on it!


2 thoughts on “Waiting for President Obama

  1. Mitchell

    There is always the possibility that President Obama has no real strategy and is like Clinton in the fact that his actions are dictated by polls and not principle.

    The reason Republicans are so effective is because, like you said, they have a message. They are not out there saying Democrats are bad elect us. They are out there saying: Democrats are bad, here is our plan.

    President needs a plan. His whole presidency seems to be based on the fact that he is not George W. Bush. I think he is way too wishy washy and is lacking in moral courage. Shameful.


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