Maybe I Am a Republican

Too Much KoolAid, Not Enough Brunello.

I am sitting here and I have no ideas and really don’t feel motivated to do anything although I’m sure someone should be doing something that I want them to do and do it soon.  In short, I have high expectations without any purpose.

I exist in a cocoon of self-appreciation that would embarrass even the most overly indulgent and senile mother.  There’s a little of me everywhere and nothing quite seems to fit together.  But I’ll insist that I am entirely whole.

Maybe I am a Republican.

That’s all I have tonight.  Sorry.  No need to think this out or act on anything.  I am feeling rather Republicanesque…and I don’t enjoy it.

Tomorrow…I put on my Superman cape once again and change the world.  Maybe.  (Damn!  See?)

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Handy Link

You Might Be a Republican If…, The Fifth Column. 


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