All About Doing Something

I tell you what…today is a disappointment.  Perhaps I am tired.  Maybe I am out of practice.  Certainly I could use a dose of discipline.  Whatever it is, I’m not accomplishing a hell of a lot of anything.  And the pile of stuff that needs accomplishing grows larger without apparent end.

So I don’t know…I don’t know what the hell is wrong.  I added to my To Do list (remember that?) “Write 500 words today” and I cannot even write 100 words of crap.  Although I am a few words short of accomplishing that now.  It doesn’t matter.  I’m simply washed up without ever having started.

That will change soon, when I go to bed.

As I begin to fall asleep my mind effortlessly explores beautiful images and stories.  You see I don’t think, I simply follow my unfettered thoughts.  It works every time.  And I add to these wandering images the ideas and notes I gathered throughout the day, but cannot retrieve now as I sit here awake.

I know the ideas are there, I remember having them, having them all throughout the day, in fact…good, solid ideas…I just cannot remember what the ideas were, not until I begin to fade toward sleep.

Perhaps I should go to bed now.  Maybe an idea will stick.  Or maybe I will awake into a better situation.

That reminds me of my cousin, Fracas; as a boy he would jerk suddenly with a whoop, shaking his head and inhaling sharply as if he had just been startled from a deep sleep.  “What are you doing, Fracas?”  “Just making sure I wasn’t asleep.”  Fracas always thought he might be dreaming.  Probably still does.  Me?  I’m not so sure…for him or me.

But let’s get to sleep anyway.  Maybe I will get something off my To Do list.  It is all about doing something, one way or the other.


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