A New Approach to My Blog, If Not My Life…

How long will it last?  And what will you talk about?

Talk about that carrot stub, the piece you didn’t finish and planned to toss into the shrubs the next morning for the rabbits and the squirrels.  Talk about that.

Tell people how disappointed you were to discover two mice chomping on it when you woke up in the middle of the night and went into the kitchen for a glass of water.  You thought, Damn mice!  All because they were eating a stub of a carrot you saved for squirrels and rabbits that they might not find anyway.

And where did those mice come from?  Never saw those before, did you?  No.  Maybe they were not really there.  It was late.  Maybe nothing chomped or nibbled or stole from your saved carrot stub.  You can still talk about it.  Talk about it in the morning, when you get up, after you see first off if you remember the mice and the carrot stub.  Often you forget these things.  And they go away.


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