The Endangered American Citizen

The Good Citizen's Handbook

You know what is happening here…the American Citizen is being replaced by ideological cliques.  Instead of Americans, we have Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partyers, Libertarians, and more.  These are not classes in an economic or social sense as they once were, but more aligned behind political movements.  So called “class warfare” has taken on a line of absolute party affiliation, one in which people put party before country.  And it is endangering the identity of the American Citizen.

Look at our history.  There is a strong tradition of American community that let our country prevail in difficult times.  We pulled through crisis when we pulled together.  Our very founding is based on compromise and community.  Check out the Federalist Papers, study the debate behind our nation’s founding.  Look at what it took to prevail through previous economic troubles and international conflicts.  We didn’t succeed in past troubles by dividing the country, we found common ground — our common interests — and built upon that.

How does diluting the power of citizenship square with the principles upon which this country was founded?

Today we seem to be entering an era where sides are divided and democracy is being replaced by oligarchy.  Any challenge to this new order comes with uncompromising resistance.  Wealth and opportunity trickles upward and — even worse — it moves easily overseas.  Even our democratically elected officials, especially on the right, are in essence beholden to special interests through monetary support and literal pledges.  Our Supreme Court upholds this bastardizing of citizenship.

The worst offenders are on the right.  They do not support social programs, call taxes a sin, and believe in the thinnest of all government services.  They foster a false belief that Christian principles guide their purpose, but their real god is the free market, with all of its failings and flaws.  Worst of all, they do not have our country’s community spirit.  It is one way — their way — or no way.  How can they have our future’s best interest in mind?

Even today as we face a real and longterm threat to our country’s future, Republicans perpetuate division based on their anti-government views.  In essence, their anti-government views are anti-American, they destroy the American community that served this nation so well.

Democrats, at least, have some feeling for our American Community.  They do offer to compromise, capitulating important principles, in order to get something done.  But it is never enough for Republicans now.  Their myopic and self-righteous view of the new world order gives them no incentive to preserve our heritage.  They prefer to change America, and until that happens, American citizens don’t matter, but Republican principles do.  And so we have a real threat to rights and identity of the American Citizen.


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