Will it be Obama’s Economy in 2012?

It is a McConnell-Cantor-Boehner Economy Stupid

Oten you hear people comment — either with frustration or joy — that in 2012 President Barak Obama won’t be able to say he inherited Bush’s economic mess.  Is that entirely true?  Can it even be true?

Certainly President Obama comes up short when you look at his fiscal solutions.  A stronger stimulus program and now a second stimulus program would be wise and beneficial, but there is nothing like that anywhere on the horizon.  How could there be?

President Obama is up against a political mindset that is decidedly anti-government and perhaps more significantly, anti-Obama.  This mindset governs a political party that would rather inflict further harm on our society than serve our best interests all in the name of an ideological fight.  It is difficult to see how these people can truly believe they have facts on their side.  The facts about our economic situation are out there, but opinions reign supreme when facts don’t square with your ideological goals.

In reality, the conservatives own this economy even more than they did in 2008.  They have done absolutely nothing to work with Democrats.  Nothing.  They deny what success has occurred — the economy did topple a little toward recovery after government intervention — and focus on the destruction they have wrought.

We have our own history and best practices to show how a functional balance between government and business supports a strong economy.  This is a social contract between the people and their government to help manage the best interests of all, not a fortunate few.  Conservatives don’t remember that history, they suggest myths of economic individualism and “objectivism” in its place.  And as these ideas get implanted in our public debate and policy decisions, the results have been disastrous.

Ask again…are we better off today than we were 10 years ago?  20?  30?  50?  Certainly we have benefited from our past success.  Technology is a simple way to show that everyone is a clear winner in the long run.  We take for granted today many things that would have been available only to the very wealthiest individuals, and many more daily goods and services would have been unimaginable 50 years ago.  That is due to economic growth.  But where is our growth today and are we setting ourselves up for a future of ongoing sucess or a future that look more like society today?

As a percentage of GDP we have a lower tax rate than any time in almost 60 years.  The wealthiest individuals and corporations — the “job creators — have more wealth now than any time since 1928…where are the jobs?  Where is the prosperity?  What should give us confidence that more of the conservative economy is going to bring about a better future?

Obama’s economic effots have been hijacked by bad ideas and lies.  Progress is held hostage by a pack of ideologues beholden to people who dress up in a Revolutionary garb.  (If only these people understood the history they claim to honor; an age of secular enlightenment and reason.)

In 2012 this will not be Obama’s economy, this will be the GOP and the Tea Party economy.  Until the Party of No grows up and learns to compromise, there can be no mistake about this.


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