How Did I Do on My To Do List?

Rock Island Swing Bridge...That Part Which Remains.

I think the first thing I need to say about my to do list ambition is this:  Even if I didn’t get through everything on my list as I had promised myself and you just a day ago, I did do many, many other things that were not on the list.  I think that counts for something.

Some might call that procrastination or a distraction or some such thing, but I think it demonstrates creativity and ingenuity.  Much of the day involved taking photographs with my HTC Evo.  (How do you capitalize Htc Evo, by the way?)  Take a look at that fantastic photo of the old Rock Island Swing Bridge.  I should crop it…it is a little top heavy and needs to be cropped, I think, but not a bad photo.

Of course while I was taking this photo — and about 15 others like it — I could have been tending to my To Do list, but had I done that, I would not have taken the photo of this bridge.  I’m happy for the bridge.  I don’t know if it will age me, but actually experienced being in a car crossing that bridge.  I am pleased to see some of it survives.

So let’s see how I did on my To Do list:

Well…six of nine things accomplished.  Not bad.  It is a good idea to work up to perfection and not jump onto it all at once.  Perfection without effort and evolution somehow lacks credibility.  I want my achievements to be credible, even if imperfect.  Plus…come on…the picture of the bridge isn’t all that bad, is it?

There is one or two things I did not put on my To Do list last night because I was certain I would not do them today.  That’s fair.  Although part of my strategy and intention for the list is to get things done that are otherwise neglected or unpleasant chores, there is no need to abuse myself.  Plus, not all neglected things are bad things…sometimes a guy just needs to follow through on things.  (You can quote that.)

And I was damn close to following through on all of them things, but then …I found this boat.

Look at it.  Boats like this deserve a closer look.  This one likely has some mold problems along with the frayed sun-bleached curtains, but other than that, it looks pretty good.  I’d prefer something other than fiberglass; there’s something romantic about an old leaking wood boat, isn’t there?  Nevertheless this boat caught my eye…and kept me from my To Do list.

Mississippi River Houseboat

You see I went out of my way to find a place where I could sit down with a cold beer and dial a few hard-to-reach clients.  A few of the river while working works well for me and calling late in the day is good way to sneak up on unsuspecting clients.   (The dinner hour is perfect!)  But shoot, there was so much to look at!  So To Do item “Call hard-to-reach clients” remains unfinished on my To Do list.

Do you know what all this wandering and procrastination has accomplished?  It kept me from my bitter political rants.  I believe I am finding my peace.  For example, there is a marker at the Rock Island Bridge that thanks dumb shit Tim Pawlenty for something…who knows what…and I resisted the urge to…well, never mind.  I was at peace.

I did feel badly for Minnesota State Senator Jim Metzen whose name appears next to floundering Tim.  What a disgrace.  But I won’t comment on that.  I don’t want to muddy this post with any comments that point out the shallow pettiness and ignorance demonstrated by today’s Republicans.  I simply won’t go there.  Politics is not on my To do list…not right now.

I only wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that I am making progress on my promise to do my to do list.  I am looking forward to reporting more progress.  (There, that’s done.  One more thing off the To Do list.)


Not me. That's Grant Hart. Hello Grant.


Check out this great site.  I found the photo of Grant here.  Loads of interesting links:

By the way, one item going on my To Do this week…contacting Rok at Zemanta to get my Zemanta blog software fixed.


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