Staying Clear of Politics

Linden Hills Walk.

I am not sure what this post is intended to accomplish.  It is a sort of feeling-sorry-for-myself kind of a post.  Maybe I am the bitter pill.  So slog along.

I am staying clear of politics — and several minutes of voice mail and a hell of a lot of email — I opted for a stroll around the neighborhood today instead.  I fear tomorrow will be a harsh return to my day-to-day reality following a weeklong vacation and I’m just not quite ready for that yet.  The GOP might ultimately fulfill their destructive ambitions leaving us with very little peace and security, so why not enjoy peace and security while it remains?

But I fear that whether conscious of it or not, the damage done has already gotten under the skin of many people.  Today has been a gorgeous day in Minneapolis.  Sunny and mild with a comfortable breeze blowing cool dry air on an otherwise overheated summer.  Everyone seemed so damn cranky today.  Perhaps it is an urban thing and after an easy week with family and friends, coming back to this is such a stark contrast I just feel more out of place.

One spandex clad bicyclist barked at an older trio on the bike path to “just relax” when they called out “to the left” alerting him that they wanted to pass.  In my experience, if there is anyone who should be told to “just relax” more often than not it is going to be the 40-something guy on a bike wearing spandex.  These guys are notorious for giving bicyclists a bad image — hogging the road, flipping the bird, and failing to shave the black curly belly hairs that roll out with a saggy gut are a few of the more inoffensive offences.  What a jerk.

Then there was the couple walking with an odd old chap that … well, I’m not sure what was up.  All that I can surmise is Uncle Eli had some words of wisdom to share with me, but I must have blown past them and not stopped to give him a moment to share.  “Enjoy the Sabbath, neighbor,” was the unmistakably sarcastic attack angrily shouted back to me.  (Meant to cut and burn.)   “How dare he!”  How dare I what?  I’m just walking.

To avoid a punch in the nose, I didn’t look at anyone or anything on the beach at Lake Harriet.  I did notice that the new swimming raft was gone, however.  I wonder where it is.

Seriously, everyone is on edge today.  What’s up folks?  It is a long-awaited for nice summer day!  Perhaps economic Armageddon has people down.  Maybe people were thinking about how happy and positive and progressive Minnesota used to be back when we were a Can Do state.  I don’t know…

So I started thinking about my escape.  I have just returned from Lake Osakis.  (In complete neighborly nerd fashion, I wore my Lake Osakis holiday shirt hoping someone might stop me and say “Oh, hey!  You were at Lake Osakis?”  Fat chance.)  Osakis is nice, but I’m not sure I would want to be there year ’round.  I think I am more of an eastern to northeastern Minnesota guy.

As I ease back into urban life and the work week, I’m hoping to see more smiles.

Lake Osakis, Minnesota.


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