As long as Republicans refuse to compromise, you cannot criticize Governor Mark Dayton as he tries to resolve the budget mess in Minnesota.

By insisting that they have the only answer and refusing to compromise, Republicans prove yet again how unfit they are for governing.  Never mind their lack of facts to support their backwardness, they simply do not possess the awareness or skills to serve the best interests of our future.

Of course there are two ways to look at compromise.  Compromise can be a give-and-take or it can be a negative outcome of a bad situation, as in compromising the future of our state.  In this sense, Republicans excel.

Republicans are set on putting our traditions and security in jeopardy.  They want government to fail.  They want to dismantle what better Minnesotans had once created for all of us.  In short, Republican interests don’t serve the state and I am getting tired talking about it.  The danger Republicans pose should be obvious.

Governor Mark Dayton has offered cuts that conflict with his principles.  Using facts, not opinions, Dayton explains how tax parity and fairness can raise desperately needed income to balance our state budget.  He is talking sense and he is offering a compromise.  Dayton is a serious and hard-working professional.

Republicans on the other hand?  Nothing…nothing but the same bad ideas that put us in this mess in the first place.  Obviously we could not afford tax cuts in preceding years, what makes us think we can afford them now?

So yes…conservatives want to compromise, but not in productive way, they want to compromise the basic security of our society.  Republicans strive to fundamentally change our society, rearrange economic opportunity, and sell off individual power and freedom.  These people are bad — very bad — for our future.

Therefore better people cannot back down.  Support governor Mark Dayton and other good people fighting to protect decades of progress and success.  That is the way to ensure a better future.

(This is becoming very, very tiresome…)


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