The Time Machine, Morlocks, and Minnesota Politics

Time Machine MorlocksNo one seemed to care much for my entertaining and smart post that used The Shining as an analogy for GOP politics.  So why not try again using a different film?  Perhaps I need to be more visual.

Do these two characters remind you of anyone?

I know it is unmanly, but I have to allow myself a tee-hee.  Oh, god, yes…last night while watching the old classic The Time Machine, the comparison jumped right out at me.  I know it is mean, mean, mean, however, I kept seeing Amy Koch in the Morlock scenes.  To a lesser extent Kurt Zellers and I swear I saw Marty Siefert sneaking around in the background, but he’s pretty much out of the picture these days anyway.  Oh, and there was Tony Sutton hiding from the light.  And I think that skinny little Morlock was Tim Pawlenty looking for cover behind a pile of rocks.

But on a more serious note — if you’re still with me — there is a lesson in The Time Machine.  If society doesn’t continue to respect intelligence and learning, if it becomes apathetic and lazy, the bad guys will manipulate those failings.

The Eloi — the forever young and beautiful — haven’t a care in the world because…well, because they don’t care.  They are unquestioning followers.  They do things because they don’t understand anything otherwise.  Questions are verboten.  Answers meaningless.  Life is as meaningless as death and death is as meaningless as life.  They live to be gobbled up.

Who is laying the hard questions to Republicans today?  Questions mean nothing to a party that has no respect for honest answers.  All that matters is perpetuating myths of idealized freedom and independence that merely hide the loss the both.  There is an increasing number of modern day Eloi willing to wander in a daze toward whatever the GOP calls them to do.

When Rod Taylor first meets the Eloi in the movie, they seem irritated that he cares.  They disregard his concern for their well being.  They merely eat and play and loaf, shrugging off his questions because things are as they are and they care not to imagine anything any different.

Zellers and Koch, Proto-Troglodyte Stage

Isn’t that the state of politics today?  Entrenched ideology — especially on the right, I’m afraid — that hasn’t a lick of common sense behind it.  You can laugh off a film like The Time Machine because of its absurdity.  Who can ever imagine people willingly sacrificing themselves for the advantages of other people regardless of how unjust?  But that is exactly what today’s Morlocks are convincing and every more obedient slave to do.

Voting and politics are both serious business and we are seeing how badly things can turn out when mistakes are made.  It is time for people to be political from facts and common sense, not some blind adherence to partisanship.

In the meantime, see if you don’t see a little bit of Tony Sutton fighting with Rod Taylor when you watch The Time Machine.  I do!  (Tee-hee.)


Get the facts!  Save the future.  Don’t vote Republican.


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