Tim Pawlenty Still the Poster Child

Even as Michele Bachmann shows how deeply the GOP has fallen, Tim Pawlenty remains the party’s poster child.  Petulant, erratic, and lost, he also has a knack for hypocrisy, perhaps the key GOP personality trait.

Pawlenty, predictably enough, attacked Barak Obama’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.  He complained that the president should listen to his generals because they are the military experts who know the facts in Afghanistan.  Politics, Tim says, should not steer military strategy.

He seems to be suggesting that we should defer to the experts, does he not?   Well, that’s a unique view from a guy who lets his opinions trump the facts in matters of economics, environment, energy, health care, tax policy…you name it.  Tim is known for saying people are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.  Great advice, wise old sage wannabe, but advice most ignored by Pawlenty and his party.

So I am waiting for a fact-based argument that supports a GOP policy position…any policy.  Perhaps a position on Afghanistan is an opportunity for a GOP position to be supported by facts.  (Hint, hint.)  I don’t care what it is.  Someone prove there is even a glimmer of intellect and reason over there on the right and we’ll post it here on A Little Tour.

And keep an eye on Pawlenty before he has no choice but a move to Fox.  To paraphrase Nixon, a Republican from the GOPs better years, we won’t have Timmy to kick around much longer.


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